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1) All returning teams needs to confirm they are returning by Wednesday, Sept 15th.

2) The deadline for teams to pay their registration will be Friday, Sept 29th. Teams can make a deposit into the league account at any time starting today. Please make sure you add on your receipt which team you are registering. Please send a copy of the receipt to  

3) Registration for the 2017 Fall Season will be $300

4) Final team rosters are due Wednesday, Oct 4th. We do not require your full squad. We only require the players you will be adding and who to delete off your current roster.

5) Player Transfer deadline is also Wednesday, Oct 4th. Players wanting to transfer after the 27th will have to abide by the Transfer rule, the late player rule and also the wait time. Players can start applying for Transfer starting today. Please refer to our Playing Guidelines for the conditions for a transfer.

6) 25-Over Format

7) Please inform us of the ground you will be hosting your home games.

8) Once registration is paid, you can make arrangement with Chris Arjoon to collect balls.



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