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Hustlers Accepted Walkover Division One Champion

SFSCL: Hustlers Cricket Club has been declared South Florida Softball Cricket League 2015 Division One Fall Season Champion when they agreed to take a walk-over for the final that was schedule to play on Jan 3rd, 2016.  Hurricanes Cricket Club was asking the league to reschedule the match due to the death of a close family member of two of their players but the league did not agree to reschedule the match.
The League felt that Hurricanes Cricket Club had enough time to play the game on the schedule day as it would not have interfered with the funeral which was schedule for the middle for the following week.

Hurricanes did try to make last minutes effort to play the game on the schedule date; however that too did not work as the players from Hustlers was not available to play at short notice.

This was a great disappointment for the fans in South Florida and the general softball cricket community in the USA , Canada and the Caribbean as a whole as these two teams performance are closely followed.

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