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Orlando Cup 2 Tournament

It is a profound honor and privilege for the President and Executives of the OSCL to welcome each and every member of the participating teams to the Orlando Cup 2 Softball tournament on March 16-18, 2018 in the “City Beautiful”.

We are confident that the scheduled tournament will invoke a sense of nostalgia and form a lasting memory of a visit to this unique city. Moreover Orlando can be beneficial to those wishing to enjoy a vacation and a break from the routine of life.

We wish to express our sincere thanks to the All Stars Open, Masters over 45 and Legends over 50 teams for their ardent support and inspiration in ensuring that the tournament will be a successful reality. The OSCL will ensure the integrity of all games, and will undertake the credibility and sanctity of the game we all love.

The OSCL also fervently express our thanks to all our sponsors who have given their magnanimous support to ensure that all the necessary criteria for a successful undertaking of the tournament. In order to achieve this, we urge all to enter and participate to ensure a memorable time that will be a galvanizing experience for all participants

We wish every team success and the very best of luck in their endeavors.

OSCL Executives



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