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OSCL Name Teams For The 2016 Florida Cup

OSCL executives have selected players the will be competing of the 2016 Florida Cup All-Star and Masters  Championship  which will be held from March 11-13 at Brain Piccolo Park.  The competition is being held to celebrate Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary and is organized by the Consulate of Guyana in association with the South Florida Softball Cricket League (SFSCL).

All-Star Team

Manager: Azeeze Housein
Captain: Ajay Manieram
Vice-Captain: Ravindra Ivan
Selector: Bhim George,  Ajay Manieram,  Shavesh Sarran

  1.  Ajay Manieram *
  2. Ravindra Ivan
  3. Raffi Alli
  4. Ryan Adam
  5. Mark Mukhlall
  6. Ghansham  Ramlakhan (Pacer)
  7. Larry Charlevy
  8. Rocky Jawahir
  9. Kelvin Persaud
  10. Rookesh Mahase
  11. Rakesh Mahase
  12. Ganesh Chattergoon (Speedy)
  13. Shavesh Sarran
  14. Bhim George
  15. Amarnauth Behari
  16. Navin Sookram
  17. Deo Samaroo
  18. Ritesh Mahase


Masters Teams

Manager: Dado Ramgobin
Captain: Daniel Sadeo
Vice-Captain: Sham Trilokie
Selector: Rex Jiawan, Dado Ramgobin,  Daniel Sadeo

  1. Daniel Sadeo
  2. *Sham Tirlokie
  3. Paul Singh,
  4. Kawal Tribene,
  5. Ifty Yamin
  6. Jameel ,
  7. Motieram Singh
  8. Juman (Rice)
  9. Ramcho Singh
  10. Ravin Churman (Shavie)
  11. Tom Bacchus
  12. Anand Gossai
  13. Errol Ramnarain
  14. Tony Singh
  15. Vishnu Seecharran
  16. Saheed Adam
  17. Dado Ramgobin
  18. Sham Verasammy


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