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SFSCL All-Stars Player Pool

Player Team Position Notes
1 Philip Meikle UnitedStars Wkt/Batsman
2 Alvin Dyal UnitedStars Batsman
3 Ramesh Persaud UnitedStars Allrounder
4 Tariq Jameer UnitedStars Bowler Youth Player
5 Kevin Budhna Hustlers Allrounder
6 Anil Bhawani Hustlers Allrounder/wkt
7 Nazim Amin Hustlers Bowler
8 Andrew Permaul Hustlers Allrounder
9 Mervin Sukanandan Hurricanes Batsman
10 Stevenson Collins Hurricanes Batsman
11 Anthony Nokta Hurricanes Bowler
12 Andy Ramsawack OutLaws Allrounder
13 Anoop Basdeo OutLaws Allrounder/wkt
14 Avinash Rampersaud OutLaws Bowler
15 Masood Mohamed OutLaws Allrounder
16 Ravin Ramnarine Hustlers Bowler Youth Player
17 Ansar Baksh Hurricanes Allrounder
18 Rajendra Morgan Diamond Allrounder
19 Zack Abdool Sportsman Batsman Youth Player
20 Mikey Singh CS United Allrounder Youth Player
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