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SFSCL Division One Final- The Bat Will Be Talking Now…

With all the steam that has been building up over the last few weeks between the two division one finalists Hurricanes and Hustlers the cold air could not come fast enough. After all the cat and mouse game played between them in the last three weeks, the final will finally be played on January 23rd starting at 5 pm at Tamarac Recreational Park in Fort Lauderdale. South Florida softball cricket fans will have to brave some of the coldest weather so far for this year to see their star players on show in the final, the temperature is expected to be in the low 40s.

It appears that much of the rhetoric between the two teams have calm down after high level officials from the league met with the respective team management.   Both teams were going hard at each other on various social media blaming each other for the delay in the final not playing.

Both teams  will be highly confident since their star players had some playing time in the middle as they were part of the South Florida All-Star team that defeated Orlando All-Star over the last weekend.

Hurricanes will be hoping that Hustlers’s hard hitting opening batsman and United States Star player Stevenson Taylor is not available for the match. Unconfirmed report is that Taylor is currently playing in England; however, with the stake in this game so high Hustlers may try to have him here for this encounter.  Both teams are keeping the available players close to their chest.



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