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SFSCL-List New Selection Criteria

Terms Players have to commit to:

1. Be ambassadors of the league on and off the field at tournaments and locally.
2. 15-man squad will be for the entire year (2017).
3. Players must commit to travel to all tournaments the league will be participating in that year.
4. 15-man squad will include two youth players that shows potentials to be permanent selection in the future.
5. Three (3)standby players will be named in case of injury, emergency, etc.
6. Must be an active player in the SFSCL to be consider for selection.
7. All players must stay at league designated lodging*
8. All players must play for the league team if selected.
9. All players must follow tournament rules.
10. Violators will face disciplinary actions by the DC upon their return.
11. All players must participate in fundraisers arrange by the league to raise monies to cover expenses for tournaments.
12. A manager will be appointed by league executives.
13. Any monetary prize will be shared among the players.
14 Exception my be granted to the Masters team.


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