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South Florida First Round Results

South Florida 2016 Spring Season got on the way yesterday and from preliminary reports it appears all have mostly gone well. SFSCL has increased the number of teams to 26 for the first time and it effect could be seen yesterday as few games were played without a full teams.

Division One Results

  1. CS United def. Hurricanes
  2. President def. SouthWest
  3. SuperKings def. YaadBoyz
  4. Outlaws def. Berbice
  5. Sportsman def. Unlimited
  6. Hustlers def. Diamond 1

Division Two Results

  1. Guyana Heat def. OutKast
  2. Wildfire def. Warriors
  3. Lehigh CC def. Krishnar
  4. Breakaway def. Starlite
  5. Guyana King def. Miramar
  6. Diamond def. Raiders
  7. Florida Lightning def. Indians
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