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United Stars Dethroned The Hustlers

Today  wraps up of our 2018 Spring Season with a Grand Finals that finished with two very exciting matches! These games were exciting from the start and definitely had everyone on the edge of their seats until the finish.

We would like to say congratulations to all the teams that made it to the finals.

Congratulations to UNITED STARS  for becoming the Spring 2018 Division 1 Champions, breaking the championship streak from Hustlers, the three time 2017 Champions.


We thank you all for a wonderful event and for all the support you continue to give to the South Florida Softball Cricket League. We express our greatest gratitude to Bunny, Mahendra, Buddy, KP, Raj Phagu, Alastair, Kaiume, Bud, Cliff, Ramesh, Avinash and to everyone else who helped in making the day a success. Thank you for giving us your time and support.



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